Terror in the Old City

Terror in the Old City

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October 4th – November 3rd

In the center of the city lies a secret few have ever heard about. Notorious serial killer Dr. Henry Howard Holmes aka Herman Mudgett once resided right here on E Jackson Avenue. In the late 1890′s Dr. Holmes fled his residence in Chicago, later dubbed “The Murder Castle” in fear that the authorities were nearing the truth about what went on behind those doors. Holmes had constructed an intricate three story home filled with more than one “torture chamber”. It is said that Dr. Holmes switched builders several times during the construction of the home so that only he would be sure of the actual layout. The home contained winding hallways that led no where, doors that opened to brick walls, secret panels, hidden passages in the walls and hidden stairways.

The Dr. would relentlessly torture his victims sometimes for months on end before finally killing them, dissecting the sometimes living, cleaning their bones, reassembling the bodies and selling their skeletons to universities completely undetected. When Dr. Holmes was suspected of killing a widow he had purchased a business from he decided to leave Chicago.

Once fleeing Chicago he headed south and settled for a short time here in Knoxville’s Old City once known as the crime ridden “Bowery”. Dr. Holmes selected this area knowing that missing people would receive far less attention in these “bowels” of town. He opened a shop and constructed yet another home on E. Jackson Ave. Dr.Holmes did not stay in Knoxville long as the police were on his trail and had even come to town asking about him.

In the late 1890′s he simply abandoned the home and moved on in his efforts to evade the authorities. The home here was burglarized on several occasions and eventually discovered as empty. Upon inspection of the home Police were shocked to find numerous bodies hidden in the walls, floors and in the furnace. One policeman is said to have been possessed by a demon while inside searching for evidence. Much of the home was deconstructed in the search for bodies. What was left of the home remained vacant for some time.

People in the community talked about the story and some even attempted to go in. Voices, screams of the victims and terrified calls for help coming from the house eventually caused people who lived nearby to request that the house be torn down. Instead the city decided to move the home. Devious Creations heard this story, located and purchased the home and have moved it back to it’s original location. We are opening the house for tours. We will not be going in with you so please don’t ask. The Old City will be filled with the screams of Dr. Holmes victims this Halloween for the first time in over 100 years. Are you ready for Terror in the Old City?

***Tickets will be picked up at Journal Broadcast Group (1533 Amherst Road Knoxville, TN 37909) and will be available BEGINNING AT 12 NOON ON Wednesday, October 10th, 2012.

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    Terror in the Old City
    119 East Jackson Avenue
    Knoxville, Tennessee 37915
    Phone: 865-554-8835

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